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Joining UNILAW means becoming part of an international network of trusted law firms that share and exchange professionalism, knowledge and friendly personal relations among its lawyers.

Today’s intertwined business transactions and individuals’ cross-border interests require specialised legal assistance that is  well acquainted with local laws and customs and that at the same time  is capable of working smoothly on an international scale, providing the same quality and standards in different jurisdictions.

UNILAW’s affiliated lawyers can provide such quality to the clients they serve jointly and are eager to learn from and exchange cases with each other.

If you, as a lawyer, or your firm share the same mindset and are interested in joining UNILAW, we are always on the lookout for new jurisdictions and new areas of practice to add to the existing ones.The connection with this network  will add internationalism to your firm and provide extra expertise, alongside  your own.


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